Carlo Domeniconi, composer and guitarist
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  The Welsh artist, designer and author David John lives in Berlin. He has worked in several countries, collaborating with artists, writers, musicians and performers in a wide variety of creative projects, including plays, films, concerts, exhibitions, books, publications and websites.

He has designed the CD covers and booklets for Carlo Domeniconi’s Selected Works series.

David describes his current encyclopaedic internet project My Favourite Planet as part travel guide and part homage to our wonderful and whacky world and the creatures which live on it.

Carlo Domeniconi CD series Selected Works David John is the designer of Carlo Domeniconi's
CD series Selected Works.

He also designs and manages this website.
  David John, design and photography

David John

photo: Konstanze Gundudis
March 2015: Carlo Domeniconi's new CD "Selected Works VII" is now available. The official website of Carlo Domeniconi, composer and guitarist web design: Ursa Major