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    The cellist Matias de Oliveira Pinto was born into a family of artists in São Paulo, Brazil, and began learning piano and cello in early childhood. At the age of 18, he became a teacher at
the Music University in Curitiba, Brazil. In the same year he won a scholarship from the Herbert von Karajan Foundation.

In Berlin he studied with Prof. Eberhard Finke, and in Budapest with Prof. Csaba Onczay. Concert tours have taken him through South America, Europe, USA, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Since 2005 he has been guest professor at the Universität der Künste (University of Arts) Berlin.

Carlo Domeniconi CD Selected Works 4 Matias de Oliveira Pinto plays cello

on the Carlo Domeniconi CD

Selected Works IV - Chamber Music

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  Matias De Oliveira Pinto, cellist

Matias De Oliveira Pinto
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