Carlo Domeniconi, composer and guitarist
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    Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Silvia Ocougne studied composition with Willi Correa de Oliveira at São Paulo University and guitar with Manoel São Marcos, Paulo Bellinatti and other teachers. She gained her Masters Degree at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, USA.

Since 1987 she has lived in Berlin where she works as a composer and performer of new, experimental and Brazilian music.

She has been a member of the music group Amchair Traveller since 1999.

As a composer, Silvia Ocougne’s interdisciplinary work includes music for film, sound installations and dance.

Carlo Domeniconi CD Selected Works 4 Silvia Ocougne plays guitar

on the Carlo Domeniconi CD

Selected Works IV - Chamber Music

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  Silvia Ocougne, guitarist

Silvia Ocougne

photo: Renata Chueire
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