Carlo Domeniconi, composer and guitarist
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    Thea Nielsen is particularly interested in classical world music as well as literature for the flute, which in her opinion is sadly too rarely performed.

Her busy schedule of concerts, appearances on radio and television and her master classes have already taken her through Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA.

The combination of flute and guitar has fascinated her for many years, as she finds that the specific sound of the guitar allows the flute to be played in an especially fine and nuanced way; which is why she considers Carlo Domeniconi's compositions and guitar style exceptionally inspiring.

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Carlo Domeniconi CD Selected Works 6 Thea Nielsen plays flute

on the Carlo Domeniconi CD

Selected Works VI - Flute and Guitar

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  Thea Nielsen, flautist

Thea Nielsen
March 2015: Carlo Domeniconi's new CD "Selected Works VII" is now available. The official website of Carlo Domeniconi, composer and guitarist web design: Ursa Major