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cassette album "the Yellow Tape" 1985
Hugh Featherstone, the yellow tape  
Limited edition cassette album
1  Liven up 4  Risky business
2  Everybody’s living in the third world 5  People make mistakes
3  Write it down 6  Brownie
All titles written and composed by Hugh Featherstone

I saw copies of the "the Yellow Tape" on sale only once, and did not get the chance to examine them. I was told that this cassette album was essentially another edition of "the Black Tape", but on yellow-coloured cassettes.

However, Hugh has informed me that it is not the case, and that it was not merely a tape of another colour, but quite a different kettle of bananas:

"The Yellow Tape is six tracks recorded in a gigantic studio with Gerd Fellner playing everything and me singing."

Some years ago Hugh wrote about Gerd Fellner's major participation in the "Yellow Tape" project when praising his musical contribution to the 1981 album Announcer:

"It was a privilege to work with musicians of class like Gerd Fellner (with whom I later made a super five-song 'limited edition' project, the infamous 'Yellow Tape', on which he played absolutely everything with gob-smacking virtuosity)..."

Um, now I'm not sure if there were five tracks or six. Does this make it an album or an EP? Which instruments did Gerd play? I am also ignorant of when this tape was made or released - before or after "the Black Tape"? The titles are unfamiliar to me, although I may have heard at least one of the songs played live at some point. Perhaps the lyrics and more information will appear on this page some time in the future.

What appears certain is that none of the songs have appeared on any of Hugh's other recordings. This and the tape's rarity makes it yet another collector's item.

Gerd Fellner, musician

Gerd Fellner,

Photo from the inner
sleeve of Announcer.
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