Hugh Featherstone, a troubadour of our times
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Hugh Featherstone discography
Complete chronology of Hugh's recordings with cover pics, track lists, lyrics and notes by Hugh.

Hugh Featherstone LP Empty Houses

Empty houses

Hugh Featherstone LP Largo


Hugh Featherstone LP Announcer

vinyl single

Hugh Featherstone blue vinyl single Late Night Hunger

Late night hunger
cassette album

Hugh Featherstone cassette album, The Black Tape

the Black Tape

Hugh Featherstone cassette album, The Yellow Tape

the Yellow Tape

NEW: Hugh Featherstone songlist

A complete index of all Hugh's recorded songs

Hugh Featherstone CD West of Eden

West of Eden

with Red Shift

Hugh Featherstone CD Negotiations and Lovesongs

and lovesongs

Hugh Featherstone CD Me and Miss Wray

Me & Miss Wray

Hugh Featherstone CD News from Nowhere

News from Nowhere

Hugh Featherstone and Red Shift, promotional CD

Red Shift

promotional CD

Hugh Featherstone CD Landing


Hugh Featherstone CD An American Dream

An American dream

3-song EP

Hugh Featherstone and A Panel of Experts CD Live at the Chapel

Live at the Chapel

live album with
A Panel of Experts

Hugh Featherstone CD Friendly Skies

Friendly skies

Hugh Featherstone CD 9 on the sub-prime

9 on the sub-prime

studio album with
A Panel of Experts

Two tracks from the
album were released
on the CD single
Kerosene & Caffeine.
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Lyrics of the following discs are already online:

Announcer     Late night hunger     West of Eden     Negotiations & lovesongs     Me & Miss Wray     News from Nowhere

Red Shift     Landing     An American dream     Live at the Chapel     Friendly skies     9 on the sub-prime
Hugh Featherstone also features as singer, guitarist and writer on the following discs:
with Slow Night   with Lokal Heroes
Slow Night, featuring Hugh Featherstone

Slow Night, Lately
CD album 2006

Slow Night, Winter’s fire
CD album 2012

Slow Night, Between the times
CD album 2015

See photos of a Slow Night concert
in Berlin in photo series 10.

Lokal Heroes CD To be continued, featuring Hugh Featherstone

LoKal Heroes

To be continued...

CD album
Zyx Music, 2012

Includes the classic
Hugh Featherstone songs
Corner Of the sky, Hiring
, I lay with love and
Lights along the highway

Lokal Heroes live CD Lokal Heroes and Friends, featuring Hugh Featherstone

LoKal Heroes

Lokal Heroes & Friends

live CD album
Hugh Featherstone
KGB Records, 2013

LoKal Heroes

Celtic & Scandic

CD album 2015
Read more about Hugh's collaboration with
the band LoKal Heroes on the news page.
See the video of Hugh Featherstone and the FeatherTones
playing the song Walls to Fall in Berlin, 2 November 2014.
The Hugh Featherstone channel at YouTube

The Hugh Featherstone video channel at YouTube:

So far on the channel (as of July 2021) there are three types of videos, which I have named Series A, B and C:

"Series A" : A series with Hugh seated in a small studio, singing solo with guitar. Good sound and picture quality.

"Series B" : A mix of home studio and live performances. Varying quality.

"Series C" : Other types of videos, including Hugh playing in bands other than his own, or performing works by others.

All songs in "Series A" and "Series B", words and music by Hugh Featherstone.

Song titles marked * have not (yet) been released as recordings on disc.

See the songs page for further information about individual songs.
"Series A"
song length release date   song length release date
The circle of your arms

Conway Bridge

A corner of the sky

The day you left

Girl in the second row *

The hiring man

I lay with love

Kerosene and caffeine
(The Boeing Man)







21 June 2011

28 December 2013

8 August 2011

19 July 2011

26 September 2013

26 October 2011

8 November 2012

29 June 2011

Lights along the highway

Lullaby for Noah *

The same in blue

Software zillionaire *

Someone else's child

Western shore

Wine bar bombers







15 November 2011

9 April 2013

22 December 2011

13 May 2015

18 June 2014

24 June 2011

20 January 2013

12 October 2011
"Series B"
"Frozen alive in Liège"
Hugh Featherstone, Kim Bastian and Chris Sichert
play a concert during a blizzard, December 2008.
Songs: Western shore,   Conway Bridge
8:18 February 2009
Recorded live at a Candlelight 2008 concert,
December 2008

4:06 4 February 2009
One planet per person *
Solo, home studio
3:55 26 September 2009
There's a Light
A "message video": The track from Hugh's CD
9 on the sub-prime with a montage of visual
material by the artist Claire Rensonnet.
3:52 7 April 2020
"Series C"
Lokal Heroes
concert at the Harmonie Bonn, 4 January 2014
Song: Who are you, my pretty fair maid
8:15 4 January 2014

A number of rare "unofficial" or pirated recordings of Hugh's songs, mostly
from concerts, have been in circulation over the years. These include:

• The "Pierre le Suit Tape", a concert by Hugh's band Pierre le Suit at Reading University, early 1970s;

• The "Up Club Tape", recorded live at the Up Club, Bangor, North Wales in 1975;

• The "Best Foot Tape", a recording of the 1975 concert by Hugh's band Best Foot
at the Theatre Gwynedd, Bangor, plus some unreleased studio stuff;

• The "Anglesey Tape", recorded live at the Beaumont Arms, Anglesey, Wales in 1979;

• The "Yellow Tape", a demo of 5 songs produced by Gerd Fellner in 1985,
fattened up with a couple of pirated tracks;

• "Gam & Jam", a CD of the same material, but with some extra premixed songs from 1982;

• A lo-fi recording of one of Hugh's concerts with Red Shift in Erfurt, east Germany, winter 1995;

• The "Trans/At Demo", around 50 copies of a rare CD recording of 5 songs,
including two unpublished, with Hugh's band Trans/At;

• "Walls to Fall", a CD recorded live at the "Walls to Fall" event, Allianz Stiftungsforum, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
in 2014, with 7 tracks by Hugh Featherstone & the FeatherTones, including the Walls to Fall theme song.
9 on the sub-prime – the new CD by
Hugh Featherstone & A Panel of Experts

10 April 2010  The first copies of 9 on the sub-prime, the new album
by Hugh Featherstone & A Panel of Experts, are now available.

Hugh describes the studio album as:

"Nine tasty tracks of intelligent and catchy acoustic and hot-wired, typically Featherstone songwriter-stuff for those who still have a shirt to lose. Smooth songs in a sharp package.

Slightly less "music for jumping off bridges to" this time out, I seem to have caught a little of the "hey ho, may as well look on the bright side" attitude currently going around. Could travel."

See further details, lyrics and a review of the album, and hear sample tracks on its discography page.
Cover of Hugh Featherstone's new CD 9 on the sub-prime
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