Hugh Featherstone, a troubadour of our times
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Hugh Featherstone
in Darmstadt

Summer 1979

After some years of wandering Europe with his guitar and his songs, like a true troubadour must, Hugh found a home in the German city of Darmstadt.

During his travels he had somehow found time to record some of his songs, including a number laid down in the studios of Island Records in London.

From the resulting tapes, 10 tracks were released in Darmstadt by Michael Stühr's MS Edition ("the world's smallest record company") under the title Empty Houses.

This was the first of 3 vinyl albums Hugh made with MS Edition (see discography), and the beginning of a collaboration with other musicians and creative people in the area around Darmstadt and Frankfurt, notably Don Stevenson with whom he also produced a children's book The wonderlamp.

Before leaving Germany to live in Eupen, Belgium, Hugh also produced a limited-edition cassette album, the legendary "Black Tape".

photos: David John © 1979
Hugh Featherstone cookin' in the kitchen, Darmstadt 1979

cookin' in the kitchen
Hugh Featherstone in Darmstadt

peeling the potatoes
Hugh Featherstone playing a 12-string Washburn guitar in Darmstadt

Chopping the carrots

Empty Houses LP cover

Empty Houses

Largo LP cover


Announcer LP cover


the Black Tape cassette album cover

the Black Tape
Hugh Featherstone playing a 12-string guitar in Darmstadt

Mixing the salad
Hugh Featherstone changing a guitar string

changing a string
Hugh Featherstone tuning up

tuning up
Hugh Featherstone playing a 12-string guitar in Darmstadt

Going... going... solid gone.
Suddenly, a small unidentified object rolled across the table

Suddenly, a small golden object rolled across the table.
Hugh Featherstone with his rosewood 12-string Washburn guitar

Hugh with his trusty rosewood 12-string Washburn guitar,
customized by Gary Levinson.

Cover photo of Hugh's cassette album
"the Black Tape", released 1983.

photo: Martine Passagez © 1983
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