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Selected Works VI - 25 years Koyunbaba

composed and performed by Carlo Domeniconi

Published 2009 by   musica·ex·tempore   met 1005

Koyunbaba   Opus 19   (Gümüslük, Turkey - Berlin, 1984 - 85)

Three different versions of Carlo Domeniconi's best known work Koyunbaba,
marking its evolution over 25 years from the original improvisation.

Between each version is an improvisation using material related to Koyunbaba.

1 Koyunbaba 2008   recorded in Berlin especially for this CD. 13:33
2 Improvisation 1 6:19
3 Koyunbaba 1991   recorded in Ankara, Turkey. 15:31
4 Improvisation 2 4:58
5 Koyunbaba 1985   recording of the original improvised version. 15:29
All titles composed and performed by Carlo Domeniconi

Guitar by Luigi Mozzani (1938).   Carlo Domeniconi plays D'Addario Strings.

Recorded, edited and mastered at WW STUDIOS, Berlin
by Marcus Waibel

Series producer: Marcus Waibel, WW RECORDS

Cover and booklet design and photography by David John

English texts translated from German by Patricio Zeoli and David John.

D'Addario Saiten

D'Addario Saiten

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Carlo Domeniconi CD Selected Works 5 - 25 years Koyunbaba

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