Carlo Domeniconi, composer and guitarist
Carlo Domeniconi CDs Selected Works 1
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    Selected Works I

Solo Guitar Works

composed and performed by Carlo Domeniconi

Published 2005 by   musica·ex·tempore   met 1001

Opus numbers of the tracks are linked to the description of the work on the works page.

1 Sunayama Henge (Transformation)

Opus 71b   (Berlin, 1994)
Prelude & Fugue No. 3 (E minor)

Opus 96   (Berlin, 2000)
2 Prelude 1:28   3 Fuge 4:19
4 Minha tia esotérica do Brasil (My esoteric Brazilian aunt)

Opus 72  (Berlin, 1994)
Sonata No. 3 (Bachmann Sonata)

Opus 105   (Berlin, 2002)
5 Enchanted spaces
2:49   8 The sea is voiceless 3:43
6 Inside
3:32   9 The song after the dust 3:16
7 Restless Earth 1:41        
10 Krysea Phorminx

Opus 56a   (Berlin, 1992)
11 Illuminata

Opus 80   (Berlin, 1996)
Prelude and Fugue No. 5 (B minor)

Opus 99   (Berlin, 2000)
12 Prelude 2:55   13 Fuge 4:08
This production was played on a Luigi Mozzoni guitar (1938) with Hannabach strings.

Recorded at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin by Marcus Waibel

Series producer: Marcus Waibel   WW Records

CD mastering & production: DOCdata Germany, Berlin.

Cover & booklet design by David John

Photo of Carlo Domeniconi by Naoya Ikegami

Booklet texts translated from German by Kay Palmer

Selected Works CDs are available online at:
Carlo Domeniconi CD Selected Works 1

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Carlo Domeniconi

Carlo Domeniconi

photo: Naoya Ikegami
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March 2015: Carlo Domeniconi's new CD "Selected Works VII" is now available. The official website of Carlo Domeniconi, composer and guitarist web design: Ursa Major