Hugh Featherstone, a troubadour of our times
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Hugh Featherstone:

50 Years of Songwriting
16 & 17 June 2023
Re-rescheduled from 2020 and 2022

Hugh Featherstone & the FeatherTones

Friday 16 & Saturday 17 June 2023   20:00

Kühlraum, Alter Schlachthof
Rotenbergplatz 19
BE 4700 EUPEN, Belgium

Tickets already purchased for the cancelled
October 2022 concerts can be used for the
corresponding evening(s) in June.
  To celebrate the years 1969 - 2019 (merci Corona!) I finally invite you to
an extraordinary double concert: 25 songs per evening, with the help of
Kim Bastian (vocals & percussion), Chris Sichert (cajon & percussion),
Winfried Winkler (bass), Frank Denhard (mandolin, lap steel & electric
guitar). Another dash of Celtic soul in a cold world.

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Hugh Featherstone & A Panel of Experts

new CD "9 on the sub-prime"
See further details about the CD in the discography.


Hugh Featherstone songlist

Complete index of all Hugh's recorded songs

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9 on the sub-prime
sample tracks

See the
9 on the sub-prime
discography page.

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Hugh Featherstone video channel at YouTube

The video of Hugh Featherstone playing his song Conway bridge,
on his YouTube channel.

Released 28 December 2013.

Hugh has recorded a number of songs on video for his new YouTube channel.
For a list of song videos already online, see the discs page.

The concept is refreshingly simple: Hugh and a guitar in a small studio, no special effects, no razzamatazz; the focus is purely on the singer and the song.

Song videos already online include Conway bridge, The day you left, Kerosene and caffeine, Landing and Lights along the highway.

The embedded video above includes a link to Hugh's YouTube channel:
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