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David John comes from Wales and works as a graphic artist, photographer and author. His work has been published in newspapers, magazines, books and websites in several countries. He has travelled extensively and has a special interest in the eastern Mediterranean.

David has contributed My Favourite Planet's guides, articles, photos, illustrations, maps and videos for the following sections:
England: Avebury
Greece: Agios Efstratios,     Alexandroupoli,     Athens,     Kastellorizo,

Kavala,     Patmos,     Pella,     Polygyros,     Psara,

Samos,     Samothraki,     Stageira & Olympiada,     Veria
Turkey: Ephesus,     Kuşadası,     Pergamon,     Selçuk
France: Paris
My Favourite Planet People section, including Ancient Greek Artists
Illustrations and photographs for Edwin Drood's Column
The Cheshire Cat Blog

photo essays and articles:

Istanbul essentials - Part 1 Istanbul

Istanbul essentials - Part 2 Istanbul

Istanbul essentials - Part 3 Istanbul (with video)

The Owl and the Telescope - Part 2 Wales

Once upon a time in New York New York

A' rollin' the hay (text) Berlin, Germany

Snowstorm Blues Berlin

Winter wonderlands various locations

Mersey beats - Part 1 Liverpool

The Fortunate Isle Spain (fiction)

BIG MONEY Bode Museum, Berlin

Acropolis Now! Athens, Greece (fiction)

Now wait for last month Athens, Greece

David John's websites:

Ursa Major Design - the creative constellation

Ursa Major Design

David John, graphic artist, photographer and author in Berlin
Do Meteora dogs dream of floating sheep? Meteora

Desperately seeking summer - Part 1 various locations

Desperately seeking summer - Part 2 various locations

Peace on Earth, good will to all Hittites Istanbul

Come on, baby, light my fire Thessaloniki

Ionian Spring - Parts 1 - 3 western Turkey

Museum BOOM various locations

Full moon in Pella Macedonia, Greece

Small world fest Berlin, Germany

Déspina's Meghísti Brazil / Greece

Digging Aristotle Athens, Greece

The dream party (one act play)

Domeniconi plays Berlin Berlin, Germany

Glezos greets Gauck Greece / Germany

Spitting feathers Berlin

Dion: Garden of the gods Macedonia, Greece

Squirreling about (text) Berlin, Germany
David John, editor of My Favourite Planet
David John, My Favourite Planet editor
Photos of Paris, France by David John
Detailed maps of Kastellorizo island, Greece by David John at My Favourite Planet
Travel Guide to Samothraki, Greece by David John at My Favourite Planet
Travel photography by David John at My Favourite Planet
Photos of Ephesus, Turkey by David John at My Favourite Planet
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