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12 April 2016

Squirrels in Berlin are very shy, especially when compared with their feisty cousins in other cities such as London or New York. Silke Haist

Squirreling about at The Cheshire Cat Blog.
Squirreling about at The Cheshire Cat Blog

Squirreling about

The Cheshire Cat Blog

30 June 2015

Edwin Drood applauds the people of the English county
of Lancashire for rejecting fracking and once again
points to the mendacity of governments and
corporations which are trying to sell us a toxic future.

What a fracking relief! at Edwin Drood's Column.
What a fracking relief! at Edwin Drood's Column

What a fracking relief!

Edwin Drood's Column
The Cheshire Cat goes to Dion, Macedonia, Greece at My Favourite Planet Blogs

Serene Dion
June 2015

Don't you wish you could visit Mount Olympus? We did
and enjoyed it immensely. The Cheshire Cat was so
inspired by the trip to Dion that he has finally been
persuaded to break his long silence and write a blog
about the place.

The Cat's long-awaited photo essay has plenty of
photos and lots of information about Dion - including
how to get there. We really recommend that you go
there yourself, but if you can't get make it right now,
enjoy a stroll down blog's colourful page. It's a garden
of delights.

Dion: the garden of the gods at The Cheshire Cat Blog.
Dion: the garden of the gods at The Cheshire Cat Blog

Dion, Macedonia,

The Cheshire Cat Blog
Drood turns 171 in only five years

May 2015

Edwin Drood's Column is five years old. Incredible but true.
Edwin hardly believes it himself, as he tells us in his 5th
anniversary message.

"Have I really been doing this for only five years? Is that all?
It already feels like forever.

True, the evidence is there in real time, from May 2010 to May 2015, but in terms of the interior life, it seems so much longer. In just sixty months I have driven my patient readers, my unwilling family, my always-willing Alvis (the faithful Miranda) my variegated crew of friends and acquaintances, the voluntary and the co-opted, on an epic journey to the origins of the universe and its possible objective, to the heights of human glory and to the depths of inhumanity ..."

Read Edwin Drood's 5th anniversary message
at Edwin Drood's Column.

Edwin Drood's Column 5th anniversary edition
is the concluding part (coincidentally part 5)
of Edwin's memoir his schooldays.
5 years Edwin Drood's Column - since 2010

Edwin Drood's Column
5th anniversary
Ice cold in Alex

May 2015

Alexandroupolis is small Thracian port at the edge of Europe which only became part of Greece in 1920. Most people only pass through this Aegean transport hub on their way to somewhere else (e.g. Samothrace), and since the Greek economic crisis forced the suspension of ferry connections to nearby islands and trains to neighbouring Turkey and Bulgaria there has been even less reason for tourists to stop here.

All the more reason for travellers who want to avoid the fleshpots of mass tourism to try a taste of Thrace. We start our exploration of this lesser-known region with the basics for Alex: how to get there and what you can expect see when you do. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

The My Favourite Planet guide to Alexandroupoli
My Favourite Planet travel guide to Alexandroupoli, Thrace, Greece

travel guide
Edwin Drood's schooldays memoir at My Favourite Planet

March - May 2015

The Mysterious Edwin Drood finally publishes a few chapters from his memoirs. His five-part tale of schooldays in a long-gone Wiltshire countryside is less a stroll down memory lane and more a descent into the thorny undergrowths of youth.

Edwin's twisting mystery of teenage romance features a headless highwayman, a mysterious Dutchman, a wild child of the woods, the fearsome Old Mab and dark echoes of Gog and Magog.

Start at Part 1: Symphonic forms
Symphonic forms - a memoir of my schooldays at Edwin Drood's Column

Edwin Drood's

Edwin Drood's Column
Slimming down Samos

3 February 2015

More Samos, fewer pages. Our travel guide to the Aegean island of Samos first appeared online 2003-2004. Back then many people considered scrolling down web pages to see content a real chore, so we kept our guide and gallery pages short.

Now, with web 2.0 and trendy touchscreens it seems surfers just love scrolling and finger-flipping pages. We have updated and expanded the travel information in the guide, redesigned the photo gallery, added new photos and fitted a lot more onto 59 pages than we previously had on 77.

The My Favourite Planet travel guide to Samos
My Favourite Planet travel guide to Samos, Greece

Samos travel guide
We have also introduced concise guides to two other North Aegean islands, Agios Efstratios and Psara.

Not much has been published about these tiny, isolated Greek islands, so we have put together as much information as we could gather to help those intrepid travellers who wish to visit isles less trodden.

As ever, we welcome your feedback about our guides
and blogs, and if there is anything you would like to add, please get in contact.
My Favourite Planet travel guides to the North Aegean islands, Greece

North Aegean islands
Charlie propre

27 January 2015

Editors these days are so lazy that they get writers to spin their own teasers. The Mysterious Edwin Drood has summed up his latest column magnificently:

"In which Edwin considers the ethics of secret agents, faith communities and annoying little satirical magazines as well as the religious significance of snowmen, dolls and world heritage sites."

If that doesn't get you itching to read Drood's Bearding the prophet we don't know what will.

The editor, meanwhile, is hiding in a cave near Neasden.
Bearding the prophet at Edwin Drood's Column

Drood's beard

Edwin Drood's Column
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Edwin Drood's Column - the blog by The Mysterious Edwin Drood at My Favourite Planet Blogs

Edwin Drood's
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Cheshire Cat
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